After 10 years of operations, Cambridge Community Gymnastics is closing its doors indefinitely.

We are unfortunately unable to sustain ourselves during these difficult times.

CCG has been the premier Adult Gymnastics program in the Boston area since April 2011, offering Classes, Open Gym, Clinics, Workshops, Private Lessons, Rec Team, & Special Olympics for anyone ages 11-99 who wanted to do gymnastics.  We started our program with the core belief that everyBODY is capable of doing and enjoying gymnastics, that there is no wrong body shape, size, type, weight, height, gender, ability, experience, or age -- and we still believe this.  Our main purpose and goal was to provide an affordable and safe opportunity for people to learn and benefit from gymnastics.  We wanted to break the stigma that gymnastics is only for little girls, as we see gymnastics as a powerful tool that can be used to help everyone engage in fun physical activity at any age.

Our philosophy has always been and always will be:

1. Be Safe, 2. Have Fun, 3. Learn Gymnastics!

We have primarily operated out of MIT’s duPont Gymnasium in Cambridge, MA,

but we also tried to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and began to offer

Online and Outdoor programming as well. 

We will miss you no matter where we were able to serve you.

Gymnastics for Everyone, Forever!

  A message from CCG’s Founder, Proprietor, & Executive Director, Abbie Green:  

Dear CCG family,


Happy New Year!  I hope that this new year brings as much light and hope to your life as it can after such a difficult past year.  2020 has been a trying year for everyone, including CCG and myself.  We tried as hard as we could to temporarily pivot to online programming, but with MIT’s campus still not opening back up to people outside of the immediate MIT community anytime in the foreseeable future, this has now become an unsustainable state for us.  Therefore, it is with a very heavy heart that I tell you that CCG is unfortunately closing down all of its operations and going out of business as of December 31st, 2020.  I know this is not easy to hear, because it is not easy for me to share.  I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions coming to this conclusion, and realizing its inevitability.  But when I see both the financial and emotional benefits of closure, and not trying to hang on to something that is drowning me and CCG in almost every way right now, I am able to find a little bit of solace in this decision.


One thing that is particularly hard about this timing is that this coming April 2021 would have been our 10-year anniversary of beginning operations officially as ‘Cambridge Community Gymnastics’.  But our nearly a decade of doing gymnastics together is not belittled by not reaching this milestone.  We still know the significance of what we have done over the last 10 years, and the number of lives we have touched by being the first ever primarily adult gymnastics program in the country.  From our classes and open gyms, to our clinics and private lessons, and to our Rec Team and Special Olympics programs, and everything else in between, we have served over 2,500 people in that time.  This is no small accomplishment, and definitely deserves its own recognition and celebration.


Moving forward, we will continue to communicate with MIT to keep abreast of future opportunities to possibly use their gymnastics facilities again, and we’ll evaluate the feasibility of doing so if and when that time does come.  However, our next step for the time-being is to deal with the number of various administrative tasks that need to be done, to be completed in order to fully close everything down, and you will be hearing from us again shortly with that additional information.  For right now, we just want to share a collective virtual hug with everyone as both a, “Sorry for the sad news”, but also a, “Thanks for EVERYTHING!”  I cannot imagine my life over the past 10 years without CCG and all of you. 


Something to stay positive about though, is that I’m not going anywhere.  You know me, I can’t not be involved in gymnastics at all, so I will also be sharing more information soon about what’s next on my gymnastics horizon.  It’s nothing big, just me working to change the face of gymnastics culture everywhere. ;)


Anyway, we miss you, and we love you, and I am going to personally miss seeing all of your smiling faces in the gym.  We hope for nothing but the best for all of you, our dearest CCG family.


Take care and happy flipping!


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